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While NAIT has more traditional courses, Davis sees careers emerging in Alberta's employment pipeline as a possible path to a career in the oil and gas industry. He acknowledges that Edmonton Secondary School faces its own challenges with recent budget changes by the provincial government, but the college is confident it can continue to provide students with an excellent education.

He knows that employees need to feel part of something bigger, and that a job can indeed be much more than a paycheck, but that stability and determination can counteract the doubts and questions that we face in turbulent times. "None of this is self-evident in today's turbulent times, when staff and volunteers are often affected by things outside work," he says.

More than ever, employers understand why it is so important to nurture a sense of vision and value that can be compromised in a world of uncertainty. The Calgary organization encourages everyone to treat the public with respect, and understands that other things that happen outside the YMCA so often dictate people's actions. Sometimes it's family, friends and relatives who are caught up in Alberta's ongoing recession.

We have a core value that goes directly into our vision of being a creative and compassionate society inspired by the arts, "she said. Arts Commons is always aware of how external changes could affect the guiding principles the organization continually reinforces to its staff, said Jennifer O'Brien, a human resources consultant at the institution.