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On my recent trip to Western Canada, I wanted to share some of the top things in Edmonton, Alberta. I shared my experience in Edmonton in the form of a series of suggestions that defined my visit. These things helped me put together my own Edmonton itinerary, and I'm glad to I #

If you prefer to explore local history rather than shopping, head to the Royal Alberta Museum, the Canadian Natural History Museum or the Galleries of the West. There are also a number of other museums and galleries in the city, such as the Art Gallery of Alberta, and I would recommend it as the best general museum. For more information about Edmonton's history and heritage, visit Galleries West's website.

To name a few, there is the Canadian Natural History Museum, the Royal Alberta Museum and the Galleries of the West and many more.

This sense of activity and discovery attracts over 30 million visitors to the West Edmonton Mall throughout the year. We have seen numerous activities at the Westmonton Mall, as it is famous for its ability to attract both residents and visitors. These events and activities are what drive the millions of dollars it earns each year and its reputation as one of Canada's premier shopping destinations.

With over 800 stores, West Edmonton Mall offers visitors all the shopping opportunities they can get. Whether you want to enjoy a shopping experience, watch people or visit, it is available to everyone.

If you want to enjoy all the facilities, you can also stay at one of the many hotels in the area, such as the West Edmonton Hotel. The shopping centre itself is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and other amenities. Just a short drive from Edmonton city centre, the airport offers local attractions and activities, as well as a range of restaurants and bars.

Even if you don't have to drive all the time in Edmonton, you can still see wildlife in the city's many River Valley Parks. If you have time and want to enjoy the wildlife, we recommend a day trip to Elk Island National Park to enjoy the wildlife.

If you have time in Edmonton and have a vehicle, we recommend you take the time to take a trip to Elk Island National Park. Once there, you can discover more reasons why it's worth visiting and also explore some of the other attractions around Edmonton.

After your tour, we recommend you take the time to visit Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. The main government buildings of the province are located here, and the new visitor center of the Legislative Parliament of Alberta is a great place for a short tour of the provincial government and its buildings.

This is one of the best places in Edmonton to see a whole host of wildlife, including bison, and 3.5 million tourists visit it each year. It is a fully enclosed national park with a total area of 1.2 million square kilometres and is home to a wide variety of bird and mammal species.

Edmonton offers a wide range of restaurants, shops, bars and restaurants in the West Edmonton Mall area, which is located near the Westmonton Mall. Edmonton offers many of the best restaurants and bars in Alberta, as well as some of the best shopping in Canada.

The most popular attractions in the city include the Aurora Borealis and the Northern Lights, so you should put some of these places on your wish list. The open-air square takes on the appearance of a town square that is transformed into a single large celebration.

The North Saskatchewan River divides Edmonton into two sides, with the north side in downtown and city life, and the south side more arts, quirky culture and festivals. Highway 16 and Yellowhead Trail connect you to the city of Edmonton and its many attractions, including the Canadian Museum of Natural History. We would be remiss if we didn't have a rural place like the Ice District Edmonton, which celebrates food, people and community in Edmonton.

This list of activities for children in Edmonton has something for everyone, regardless of age, gender or preference. If you are looking for additional information on planning a trip to Edmonton, visit the Explore Edmonton tourism website, which is a great resource for all things Edmonton and the City of Edmonton. Read our guide from Edmonton to Jasper to learn more about how we got there. We will share some of the top things we've seen and visited in this city along the way, as well as some tips and tricks based on our recent experiences.

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