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The popular fast food restaurant Jollibee is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with great anticipation. Fans and employees, known for their delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries and ice cream, will be in Edmonton and expand their presence in the city for the first time ever.

Edmonton, Alberta is the fifth Jollibee location in Canada to open as the chain moves closer to its goal of opening 100 stores across the country over the next five years and bringing the joy of eating to the world. According to the press release, the Edmonton site will open "in the coming months" and will be the first of five sites planned in the province over the next eight years.

Albertans need to know that climate change is being taken seriously by the world and that the province has failed to diversify its economy. Edmonton has some of the lowest fuel prices in Canada and there are numerous employment opportunities.

The St. Petro Mohyla Institute, founded in 1916 and located at the University of Saskatchewan, offers dormitories for students of Ukrainian origin and hosts cultural activities for the Ukrainian-Canadian community in Saskatoon. Ukrainian-Canadian heritage is actively preserved through the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center in Winnipeg, founded in 1944 by the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, and the Village of Ukrainian Heritage east of Edmonton.

The city is home to North America's largest shopping mall, and you'll certainly be doing a little retail therapy at the West Edmonton Mall. Edmonton offers a variety of retail options, from grocery stores to department stores to specialty stores, but the city's second largest shopping center, the Edmonton Shopping Centre, operates 42 stores.

Ten U.S. franchises have emerged since the Gretzky trade, including some teams that have moved, and five of those five have won the Stanley Cup, the Kings, Ducks, Hurricanes, Lightning and Avalanche. The Los Angeles team won its first ever gold medal at the Quebec International Pee-Wee tournament, in the same season that the Kings won the Stanley Cup.

The show has a large international following, and a shrewd Edmonton blogger, Nopy, quickly noticed the place. I also met my future wife, also a Bakersfield native; we are now 22 and they both started careers in the tech mecca of San Jose. Julie is a food writer and editor for a national publication, but most of us like to hang out in her own kitchen in Calgary.

Edmonton is crisscrossed by the North Saskatchewan River, with the north side in the city center and city life, while the south side is home to more art, quirky culture and festivals. South Central Edmonton has more college flair, as it is home to the University of Alberta. The food in Edmonton is relatively diverse, but most of the restaurants are in one of two areas.

The city has been dubbed Canada's Festival City because it hosts many of Canada's most popular festivals, including Canada Day, the Canadian International Film Festival and the Calgary Stampede. To name a few, there are festivals in Calgary, Edmonton, Calgary International Airport, Fort McMurray and Fort Saskatchewan, and many more.

The city's most popular attractions include the Aurora Borealis and the Northern Lights. Canadian cities including Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to enjoy spectacular views of Canada's most famous landmarks such as Mount Royal, the Canadian Natural History Museum, Mount St. John's Cathedral and the Royal Canadian Mint.

As in many cities, Edmonton hosts a large and growing anime convention, and summer participants take pictures in costumes. The same is true of many community centers in rural Alberta, but here you will find many parishioners who make perogia from scratch.

The CPK was brought to Alberta by longtime restaurant owner Samira Shariff, who once owned her own restaurant in her native northern China, and her husband, a businessman who owned several restaurants in his home country. Owner Siu has contributed many ingredients to a classic Edmonton dish, as well as a host of other dishes.

Gretzky's influence also helped the NHL take a lead in markets it had not previously reached before his trade with Los Angeles, including the Bay Area and Denver. Had the Gretzki trade never happened, the lucrative US television deal they have just signed would have been hard to imagine, because it would not have been strong enough. Instead, they would have spread to markets in West and South America, hoping that if he had traded to Edmonton, he would have ended his career in Edmonton. To this day, green onion cake remains one of the most popular dishes in Edmonton's food landscape. Since it was a feast for Edmonton and was passed around the market, I decided to sell it, and it still is.

However, if you are looking for public transportation, there is the Edmonton Light Rail Transit Line, which runs north and south and connects the main central and downtown areas. Private Canadian travel needs can be met effortlessly with evoJets, and for free.

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