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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) announced today that they are bringing their popular California pizzeria concept to Canada for the first time. The first city to get a location is Edmonton, and it has been announced that it will come to Canada in the next few months, with the opening of two locations in Edmonton and Calgary.

California Pizza, known to fans and employees alike for its delicious pizza, will expand its presence in Canada, with operations in Edmonton and Calgary.

The oil boom lasted until the late 1980s, and Edmonton quickly became known as the oil capital of Canada. Edmonton's population grew by nearly 120,000 in just over a decade, and during that time it became a popular tourist destination. It is located in a transitional area known for its aspen landscape, but by and large the valley has developed into Fort McMurray National Park, the largest park in the United States and one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Edmonton was also home to a large number of people who hoped to profit from the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. Although the fur traders had largely abandoned the fort Edmonton created, there were still some pioneers who were willing to live in what would soon become Edmonton.

Edmonton also served as a site for major oil sands projects that took place in northern Alberta. Before long, the aspen landscape around Edmonton had been greatly changed by the construction of a large oil pipeline from the oil sands in the north to the city.

Edmonton has a number of performing arts organizations, including the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Edmonton Ballet and Edmonton Performing Arts Center. There is a large public library with over 1,000 books and magazines as well as an extensive library system. This is complemented by a variety of popular facilities, including the Alberta Museum of Natural History, the University of Alberta and the Canadian Museum for Humanities and Arts.

On June 1, 1988, the organization changed its name to Alberta Consumer and became known as the Edmonton Society for Christian Education, a nonprofit educational organization. Edmonton Academy includes a number of private schools as well as a variety of public schools. It also provides support and resources for those who want to send their children to school at home. At the time of its foundation, it was a private school, but is now part of Edmonton Public Schools.

The URGE is no longer valid, but Edmonton's main support for Alberta was and is no longer valid. Then the region developed into a huge agricultural region, flooded with settlers and also elected as the capital of the newly created province of Alberta. That year, the first United Nations General Assembly (U.N.G.A.) was held in Manitoba, the capital of Winnipeg.

Together, the two cities completely eclipsed Edmonton, then Canada's second largest city, but lost that position to Calgary in 2001. Some remarkable buildings have survived, and some have been restored for modern purposes. But they are dwarfed by the cluster of towers that now dominate Edmonton's skyline. Chili's closed nine restaurants in Alberta, only two in Edmonton and one in Calgary, both downtown.

The University of Alberta's grounds are home to the Rocky Mountain House, the former home of Canada's national parks, which has reopened after more than a decade of operation while extensive renovations were carried out as part of the province's centenary celebrations. Described as one of Canada's most important public buildings and the largest museum in the world, it houses the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and has hosted a variety of shows over the years. In August, Edmonton also hosted the annual Canada Day celebrations at the Alberta Museum of Natural History. Canada's national parks held their annual National Memorial Day ceremony at Rocky Mountain House.

Edmonton was one of Canada's fastest growing cities from the 1940s to the early 1980s, and expected to continue to grow and thrive as people found economic opportunities in this diverse city. Since the turn of the millennium, Edmonton has seen a surge in retail and residential development, which has transformed the landscape of our city into a vibrant, vibrant city with a diverse mix of shops, restaurants, hotels, shops and restaurants.

In the 1990 "s, the economy consolidated, and Edmonton is now home to one of Canada's largest publicly traded companies. I have chartered the bank's head office. Edmonton serves as the headquarters of CN Rail, whose North American operations headquarters are located in its Edmonton office.

The sports include Edmonton's professional franchise company, and it has one of Canada's largest professional football teams, the Edmonton Eskimos. Edmonton has its fair share of civil rights and anti-corruption movements. The best known, URGE (Urban Reform Group of Edmonton), emerged as a civil rights protest movement in the 1970s.

Edmonton House was also built in the area, and settlement followed in 1795 when the city's first public building, Edmonton House, was built. The energy company was bought by the City of Edmonton in 1902 and is now owned by the city council (EPCOR).

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More About Edmonton