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The California restaurant chain, known to fans and employees alike for its fast-food burgers and tacos, will be based in Edmonton and expand its presence in Alberta. According to a press release, the Edmonton site will open in the coming months and is the first of five planned in the province over the next eight years. Global News has asked the company for comment on where it would be and when it would open, but so far we have not heard anything.

There are two reasons why you should not order something for delivery: reservations are too difficult to get and the quality of the food is much better on site. RGE RD is a culinary traveler who visits these places to discover a sense of Edmonton and Alberta cuisine. This is not a place that comes spontaneously, and perhaps that is good; it contributes to the experience.

First, chef Allan Suddaby uses Gail Hall's matzo ball recipe and makes his own version of it, and he makes a beautiful dumplings that are placed in the most ridiculous heady broth. Secondly, the meat forgets its flavour in the traditional way in a Mexican rosticeria, a slow-roast roast series. Third, he has made a version with the same recipe, but with a slightly different flavor profile and texture.

Every time I go to a restaurant, I'm tempted by the thought of sourdough pastries, and I know that there are good alternatives on the seasonal menu, but I often just ask for a big, nice double cheeseburger and eat happily. The coverings are layered and everything in the top layer is still worth the time. My personal favourite is the sautéed garlic mushroom with Boursin, which is meant to be pulled pork and cheese with plenty of Pulled Pork Cheese on top. There is a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, soups and more, which I love.

The constant menu is not to be missed - packaged parsnip kimira with spicy butter, delicately doused with scallops in butter and soy sauce. Pork belly and beef tongue are tender and aromatic in themselves, but the meat's dipping in the accompanying spicy chilli sauce, sesame miso chilli and spicy chilli peppers adds a different dimension. You should also not miss the churros with salted pastilles and milk chocolate dulce. Instead of the traditional charshu (braised pork), The Goma itself chops the pork with sesame, miso and chilli.

The tartare is served with mushrooms marinated in celery and vinegar, and the bread is deep-fried and served over the ventilated Alpindon beer cheese, which makes the taste buds dance.

It is a testament to the food and service that a restaurant stays in business for eight years and is off the beaten track. This place was considered a hidden gem and I still love to introduce people to its delicious food.

June serves unpretentious food from scratch in the renovated historic Gibbard Block in Highlands. I have done all the treats and flavors to bring you this list of the best food in town. CPK was brought to Alberta by longtime restaurant owner Samira Shariff, who once owned her own restaurant in San Francisco, and her husband, a businessman who owns several restaurants in Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey.

It also shows Lebsack's skills and passion for cooking and is located in the historic Gibbard Block in Highlands, just blocks from the historic downtown area of the city.

Edmonton offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America, from the Rocky Mountains to the prairie. The North Saskatchewan River Valley is a beautiful place to visit as there are many wildlife to explore, as well as some great hiking and camping opportunities.

The company was founded in Beverly Hills, California, in 1985 and describes its style as serving California artisan pizzas, including cauliflower. The company's signature pizza, the California Pizza, is filled with scrambled eggs, garlic-fried rice and a variety of toppings. Each one is different and delicious, from the large fried balls filled with meat, honey and mustard, to the small plates of salads and sandwiches.

Chef Roger Letourneau, who traveled to Belgium, complements the sophisticated cocktail menu with creative dishes whose ingredients are often fermented, smoked, pickled or cultivated. The Robatabrust method, which is heated with charcoal from Japan, turns out to be a fire that kisses the meat perfectly. The grilled pork belly skewers with sweet and sour sauce and spicy tomato sauce also met the taste.

RGE RD, inspired by life in the pastoral areas of her home province, opens your eyes to what Alberta has to offer. Lebsack grew up in a farming community in this province, and the name of his restaurant comes from a sign marking a country road in an agricultural area.

If you're traveling on the Calgary Trail or South Edmonton Common, you can pass by this restaurant. If you don't feel like leaving the city, you will soon open a location on Whyte Avenue.

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