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Welcome to US Things to Do, a weekly roster of Edmonton activities for hipsters, foodies and nature lovers.

Here you will find information to help you create your own Edmonton itinerary, the best things to do in Edmonton, where to eat, drink and stay, and insider information to help you plan your next trip to one of Canada's most popular cities. I will share my thoughts about the city I visited, the things I did in and around Edmonton and some of my favorite places based on recent experiences. After my recent trips to Western Canada, I wanted to share some top things - things - to - do - in - Edmonton - Alberta.

See some of my favorite things to do in Edmonton, why I loved it and why you will love it, and see for yourself.

Take a look at my Instagram Story from Edmonton and watch my highlights Canada 1 and Canada 2 for more than 30 minutes of videos from my trip. This video of me walking down an ice slide is one of my favorite things to do in Edmonton this winter. If you are traveling to Alberta in winter, check out some of the best things I did in Jasper in winter!

I love historic tours, and taking one in your own city should be on your list of Edmonton stays. What would be your favorite historic tour in Edmonton or any other Alberta city in winter?

What are your favorite things to do in Edmonton and what tips do you have for visitors who want to make the most of their time in the city? Edmonton is in the final months of its summer season. What are some of the fun things to do around your city in the summer? If you're currently outside Edmonton or looking for activities you might want to try, here are the activities you might want to try.

If you have 4-7 days left, I recommend a road trip to Alberta that would take you to the Banff and Jasper National Parks. There are several beautiful car trips through Alberta and, as Edmonton is also well connected by rail, Canada and parts of the United States may want to drive or travel by train. If you want to stay longer than 2 days, I would suggest renting a car to explore Edmonton, as the city is quite common and there are many great options for long-term travel in Alberta.

A trip down Whyte Avenue and Old Strathcona is a must if you want to get to know Edmonton and really feel what the city is all about. I have two alternatives that will take you from Edmonton to Calgary, and both offer great places to stop off along the way, as well as some great food and drinks.

I would be remiss not to mention one of my favorite cities in Alberta, and the location is right in the heart of the city, just a short drive from downtown Edmonton. There are other transportation options, but this is half the way between Edmonton and Calgary, making it a great place to stop off while visiting Alberta's other major cities.

People can get a flight to Calgary instead of Edmonton if they feel that the city has much more to offer before they head to Jasper National Park. Edmonton is located relatively centrally in Alberta, but many people do not see Edmonton as a destination for Jasper and sometimes end up completely in Jasper or Banff National Park.

One of the better ways to explore Edmonton would be to see the city from a local's perspective. Edmonton offers many options, from visiting Canada's largest living historical museum to strolling through a large historic park, and you can even visit the largest shopping mall in North America. For a deeper insight into the history of Edmonton and Canada, Fort Edmonton Park is the place to be. Fort Alberta Museum, one of the largest living history museums in Canada , it is offered in a split section and should be on every list of "things to do" in and around Edmonton Canada.

There is the Rodeo and Farmfair event, which is just behind Las Vegas and offers tourists one of the most entertaining activities in Edmonton.

Edmonton is also one of the rare cities in the world where you can see the Northern Lights, so if you're looking for spectacular views, it's a great place to visit.

The Travelodge Wyndham Edmonton South offers you access to all of Edmonton's attractions without breaking the bank. Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, this hotel is worth the splendor, even if it's just for one night. There are some of Edmonton's most populous places, such as Winnipeg, which means you have much more options for hotels and restaurants. Edmonton is a wonderful place to live, but it's also easier to get around the city than in other parts of Canada.

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